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Open Air Car Transport

The most frequent and easiest-to-find carriers in the vehicle transport sector today are open auto transport providers. They are most auto transport firms' preferred trucks since they transport about 90% of all auto transport freight each year and are also the most cost-effective carriers on the road. They're the ones with all the automobiles packed precariously on the back of their rigs, as you've surely seen them on the road. Most vehicle shippers prefer open carriers, and we'll go through what that means and what you can anticipate when you book your cargo with one.

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What Is the Cost of Open Auto Transport?

Open vehicle transport rates vary and are mostly determined by factors such as:

  • The distance between the origin and the goal.
  • Diesel fuel prices on a nationwide scale.
  • The vehicle's specifications (size, make, weight, etc.).
  • The state of your vehicle.
  • Variations in the route
  • The transit date.
  • Optional features (i.e., top-load service, etc.).

  • It's also worth noting that booking and reserving your purchase ahead of time allows us to check route availability and truck space, as well as locate the best auto shipping pricing.

What you'll appreciate about Open air car shipping

No additional travel expenses.

Take it easy on your wallet by spending less on travel, and on your nerves by avoiding the hassles of driving. We'll take care of your automobile or auto so you can concentrate on relocating yourself and your family or delivering that new vehicle to your customer. In the long run, using the cheapest vehicle shipping service via an open car carrier saves you a lot of money.

Nationwide Open Carrier Shipping

With over 35 years of combined auto shipping industry expertise, Ship A Car, Inc. has you covered when you need a car sent anywhere in the United States. We have the know-how to complete the task, a network of vetted open car carriers ready to carry your vehicle, and we're here to make sure your auto transport experience is a positive one.

Save time and reduce hassles.

You won't have to deal with the hassles of driving your vehicle yourself with our door-to-door open carrier auto transport delivery service. We realise that you want your automobile to arrive at your delivery destination in the same condition as it was when it was loaded onto the open carrier at the pickup site.